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Use our ANC Verjus in the great recipes! 

First Crush Cocktail
October 24, 2018
This easy cocktail recipe is named for how verjus—a nonalcoholic grape juice that is slightly tart—is made from the first pressing of the annual grape harvest.
Verjus Glazed Carrots
October 24, 2018
Very simple and fun way to cook with our ANC verjus. Perfect for 1-2 servings to enjoy as a stand-alone dish or as a side.

Other fun ways to cook with our Verjus:

  • Add to marinades for pork, as when marinating pork ribs.  Similarly, it makes a great addition to BBQ sauce in place of or along with vinegar.
  • Use it to deglaze pans, especially if you prefer to use non-alcoholic liquids for deglazing but want something with more complexity than broth.
  • Drizzle a little on seasonal fruit as you would with balsamic vinegar, as with strawberries.
  • Use as a poaching liquid for fish or chicken breasts and then reduce it to a syrup, adding a little butter to make a verjus sauce.

We started our "A Journey with Destiny" this year in Spain.

Simple Paella
February 9, 2018
An easy to make paella using chorizo, chicken, and shrimp

Here are some great Dad-approved dishes for Father's Day!

Chipotle Lime Steak
June 16, 2017
Here's an easy recipe for a great south-of-the-border steak. There's something magical about the combination of fresh lime, chipotle, and cilantro!
Ham and Egg Cups
June 16, 2017
Top these all-in-one ham-and-egg cups with basil pesto and halved cherry tomatoes, or keep things basic with a sprinkling of cheddar cheese.

Perfect ideas to pair with our vibriant white wines!

Grilled Asparagus and Prosciutto Cobb Salad
April 22, 2017
Fresh take on the classic Cobb.
Lemon Chicken and Asparagus Foil Packs
April 27, 2017
Simple lemon chicken & asparagus foil packs are an easy and incredibly delicious 30-minute meal you can either grill, or bake any time of the year.

Pair our vibrant Rose with these delicious recipes!

Crab Eggs Benedict
April 14, 2017
Classic Eggs Benedict with Crab.
Deep-Dish Ham Quiche with Herb
April 14, 2017
Delicious Deep-Dish style Quiche
Herb Crusted Ham
April 14, 2017
Savory Herb Crusted Ham