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"Friends with Benefits" Club Waiting List

Signing up to join our Waiting List comes with perks so we’ve jokingly named it "Friends with Benefits"!

Due to limited production levels and our commitment to provide our Wine Club Members with unique wines in each allocation, we are finding it necessary to close our Wine Clubs. Our hope is that upcoming vintages allow for us to reopen them but in the meantime, we’ve created a fun way to enjoy the wait!

Joining our "Friends with Benefits" waiting list has it's own perks:

  • Next in line for the opportunity to become one of our Club Members as spots open
  • 10% discount on a number of our wines
  • Regular communication regarding upcoming events at all of our locations

When a spot opens up in our Wine Club for you, we will send you an email letting you know you have been enrolled in our Wine Club and that you can begin enjoying all the Wine Club perks. We will also mail you a letter and Membership card listing your benefits and letting you know how to access the Membership portal.

Your additional Wine Club discount (from 10% to 15%) will be applied immediately as well as access to our Wine Club Rooms and exclusive events. You will also begin receiving our Wine Club Releases (February, May, October) so you can enjoy the esoteric varieties that are specifically created for our Wine Club Members. Each of our three releases contains four bottles for a total of twelve wines annually. For any of you interested in receiving additional wines with each allocation, we encourage you to ask about requesting a spot in our "Club Destiny" at that time as many of these wines sell out quickly.


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The Ridge Club

You are taking your first steps towards joining a limited group of discerning and fun loving wine enthusiasts by signing up for our Wine Club and becoming a part of our family.  (Currently Closed)

Wine club membership benefits include:

  • Your membership to the Wine Club is complementary.
  • You pay only for the wines in your three annual allocations.
  • Each allocation contains four bottles which are hand selected for you by our winemaker.
  • As a Wine Club member you will receive 15% on all wine purchases.
  • Members receive a personalized membership wine club card.
  • “Members Only” Wine Club rooms in both tasting rooms.
  • Members receive a wine release newsletter with winemaker notes and harvest updates with their shipments.
  • An e-mail newsletter is also sent to members sharing event notices and more.




The Destiny Club

For those who like to purchase in larger quantities, we have the “Destiny” Wine Club. This club is exclusively for buyers who would like to purchase three or more cases of our specially selected wine club wines annually and has a limited number of spaces available.  (Currently Closed)

Wine club memberships benefits include:

  • Members will receive three bottles of each of the release wines per allocation or as an elite member, you can choose amongst the release wines to craft custom allocations.
  • Your membership to the Wine Club is complimentary. 
  • As a Destiny member, you will receive 30% on all wine purchases. 
  • 20% discount on all retail items and Tiny House rentals.
  • Special purchase opportunity for reserve wines and large format bottles. 
  • Waived tasting fees for you and 3 guests when visiting any of our tasting room locations. 
  • Members receive a personalized membership wine club card. 
  • "Members Only" Wine Club rooms in both tasting rooms. 
  • Members receive a wine release newsletter with winemaker notes and harvest updates with their shipments. 
  • Special invitations to additional events.